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As the state’s land-grant institution with a mission to serve the citizens of Georgia, the University of Georgia has committed personnel and resources to support the well-being of our communities. Reflecting on this commitment, the concepts of service and practice are at the core of the UGA College of Public Health’s mission.

Through its various degree programs and experiential learning opportunities, the College places an emphasis on community-oriented problem solving, putting the theories and concepts explored in the classroom into practice in real-world settings. Faculty, staff, and students at the College tackle the world’s biggest public health challenges head-on through active research and outreach.

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The University of Georgia being a land grant institution is something that was really important to me when I was deciding what college that I wanted to go to, because it's important to me as a public health practitioner, as a citizen and a member of my community, to be able to have an impact on my community. It's really important that we take all of the abilities that we have, the resources that we have, and we share them with the community, with the state. So the fact that it's written right into the mission, the fact that it is so clearly a priority for the university was something that was really, really important to me.

We have lots of applied research projects that allow faculty and students to go into communities and work with those communities to try to think about how to solve some of their most pressing issues that they're facing. We have a presence in all 159 counties in the state of Georgia. We have a public service and outreach unit at the College of Public Health partners with very closely to really deliver community service activities and to execute experiential learning experiences for our students.

An MPH is a practice-based degree. It's about jumping in and making a difference. It's not sitting in a room doing research. It's going out in your community, making a difference, and helping your community be better prepared for the future. I love the fact that public health gives you that opportunity. And I think the University of Georgia really fosters that opportunity for its students.

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