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First-hand experience in the field is a fundamental component of public health education.

At the UGA College of Public Health, students gain real world experience, boost their resumes, and make career connections at health organizations in Georgia, across the nation and around the world through field experience training and internships.

The College is focused on aligning our students’ career aspirations with their field experience and offers three points of mentorship to prepare each student for their chosen career path.

Have more questions? Contact internship coordinator Jacquelyn Hughes.

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One of the things that we love that students bring is they bring the best practices and the research focus from their classes into our work.

My supervisors at Athens Area Homeless Shelter have been fantastic, and really guided me through a number of projects.

Michael has been fantastic. He jumped right in and became part of the team. And so what he has been really able to do is develop outcomes and evaluations for the current programs. We are also developing a new program that is education focused for the parents that are experiencing homelessness.

My main project I'm doing for them is an evaluation plan for their three primary programs that they conduct there. So it's been a great experience. And I've really received a lot of guidance. But also I'm allowed to work independently, and apply my skills and knowledge to hopefully help out their program and eventually impact a lot of people.

We're able to utilize our graduate interns really however they see fit. And so we have a lot of opportunities to utilize their strengths-- what they want to do.

Ultimately I'd like to focus my career in management or leadership in the health care sector, either in hospitals or clinic settings. The internship that I am in now is really managing a lot of doctors and residents and future doctors. And so it's been very educational and really, really good to learn about.

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